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An affordable plan to keep  your pets healthy, happy and safe 
      - now with unlimited FREE* consultations for Peace of Mind!

We, at All Pets Vet Care believe that a proactive preventative approach to pet
health care is vital for the health and well being of any pet.

This is why we would like to invite you to become a member of the All Pets Vet Care
Family Plan for Pawsitive Health.

This is NOT a replacement for Pet Insurance (which we encourage all pet 
owners to take advantage of), but a plan to cover all the ROUTINE, PREVENTATIVE care
which responsible pet owners need to keep their pet in optimum health.

Preventative care is NOT included in Pet Insurance. Whilst a Pet Health Plan does work well
on its own, it's even better alongside Pet Insurance.

We recommend this plan because we want to help make responsible pet ownership simple and MORE affordable.

                                                            We want to help guard against preventable diseases so as to protect you and your pet                                                              by ensuring that vaccinations are kept up to date. Regular health checks also offer the                                                              chance to diagnose and manage any health issues that may develop.

                                                            Your pet would receive regular treatments to protect against flea infestation and                                                                        quarterly treatments (monthly in young animals) to avoid infestation of worms.                                                                          TOXOCARA (a roundworm) is, of course harmful to children and can be transmitted via                                                              your pet.

                                                            Pembrokeshire has a very high incidence of LUNGWORM which can be life threatening                                                            to dogs, with this plan your pet would receive regular preventative treatment.

                                                            You can be reassured that your pet would receive the best preventative care whilst you                                                              save money, as the plan would give you exclusive discounts on a variety of products                                                                  which would be unavailable to non family members.

Included in the plan:


Discounts on:

We do require a three month grace for the Family Plan. This means that 
for the first three months you will receive 10% off Consultations
and your Flea and Worm Treatment with all the other Family perks. After the three months you will ​then receive the full benefits of the Family Plan.

** Fair usage applies - limited to 26 free consultations a year.
** £10 Cancellation Fee unless Cancelled on Renewal.
Prices vary depending on what kind of pet you have and their size, so please give us a ring, call in, e-mail or facebook message us and we can let you know the cost of the plan for you.