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All Pets Vet Care  - Prices

All veterinary practices are private businesses, who do not receive any government funding and don't even qualify for any grants to help with the substantial start-up costs, so a practice is solely relying on client fees to pay for running costs, wages, investments into new equipment and courses to stay up-to-date with professional development. 

Only a few decades ago, small animal work was an adjunct to the "proper" farm work, 
done for a few hours of the day, often without qualified (if any) staff monitoring the anaesthesias. Major health problems would generally result in euthanasia, as there were 
no treatment options. 

These days, qualified nurses will look after your animals during their operations, with monitoring equipment attached, measuring blood oxygenation, pulse or blood pressure. 

There are a lot more specific veterinary drugs available, with higher development cost, which the pharma companies have to recuperate and which is then mirrored in the cost. 

All this means that the costs to keep your furry, feathery or scaly friend in the best of health have certainly increased over the years.

Here at All Pets Vet Care we will always try and keep veterinary care affordable.
We believe that preventative care plays an important part for the welfare of your pet and 
with that in mind prices for vaccinations and neutering especially have been kept as low as possible. 

Please always alert us before any treatment has been initiated if financial restraints mean that costs have to be kept low, so that the cheapest treatment options can be used. To allow optimal care, we recommend having your pet insured and our staff will be happy to advise you
on general issues to consider with regards to insurance. 

The prices below are for the most commonly requested routine procedures only - it would be impossible to quote for all possible options, as variations like weight, age and health status of an animal need to be taken into consideration.
All Pets Vet Care 
Veterinary Surgery 
The Old Docks Office, Sybil Way, Milford Marina, Milford Haven, SA73 3AA
Phone: 01646-663 883, Fax: 01646-468 111
Sybil Way, The Docks, 
Milford Haven, SA73 3AA
01646-663 883
Sybil Way, The Docks, 
Milford Haven, SA73 3AA
01646-663 883
PRICES:                    Incl. VAT:

Primary consultation:    £ 49.00      Even if several problems are present, only one                                                                                                                consultation fee will be charged at this visit.

Repeat consultation:     £ 39.00    

No consultation fee will be charged if you are a member of our Family plan (see above).

Primary Vaccination Courses:

The price quoted is for:
- the two initial vaccinations the second taking place 3-4 weeks later
- a FREE initial consultation with one of our qualified nurses, who will 
  advise you on diet, worming, general care for your puppy or kitten, 
- a full examination by the vet and 
- a FREE application of worm and flea treatment (worth £8-£12
  depending on size). 

Dog Starter Full Course Vaccinations:  £72.00    
(Distemper, Hepatitis, 
Parvovirosis, Parainfluenza 
& Leptospirosis)

Dog Starter Full Course Vaccinations with
 Kennel Cough:                                        £85.00

Cat Starter Full Course Vaccinations:  £78.00     
(Cat Flu, Enteritis 
+ Leucemia)

Annual Health Check & Boosters:

Dog Booster:                 £48.00

Dog Booster+ Kennel Cough Vacc:   £68.00

Cats:                              £58.00

Neutering:                      (Price depending on size - Yorkie to St. Bernhard!)      

We want to encourage responsible pet ownership and believe that neutering is part of this. All our neutering prices are therefore heavily discounted to help you with the cost of neutering. A cat spay priced up in the usual way, would be around £250. 

Dog Castrate*:      £160.00 - £290.00

Bitch Spay*:          £200.00 - £360.00

Cat Castrate:        £59.00

Cat Spay:              £80.00

Nail Clip:    Nurse -  £11.50
                   Vet -     £15.50

These are free for Family plan members!

Microchip:    Normal - £20
                     25% off in Surgery - £15.00

Out of hours consultation: 

From closing time - 10pm:                         £133.00
10pm - opening time the next morning:  £179.00

These fees now included the fee for a vet and nurse consult, as we can not allow clients  to enter the premised during the covid pandemic.

The OOH fees are reduced by the normal consultation fee for Family members.

Please feel free to call us if you require an estimate for any other procedure!

"For the attention of all the staff .

We have had Otis for 5 weeks now 
and would like to say a huge thank 
you for all you have done in helping 
us along with our new addition. 
You have all been so helpful. 

The puppy parties have been invaluable and we have made the 
most of your tips and suggestions!  

In the past (long before you opened) 
we were registered with another local vet and all I can say is what a massive difference in the care and attention 
we received.  

I had to ring you this week as Otis was sick. Fortunately he is now back to his old cheeky self, but the nicest thing  was that Sarah rang us the following day to see how he was. 
You remember Otis' name when we 
call and he loves the fuss you make of him, you are all so welcoming and friendly. 

Otis is happy to pop in when he needs to and we are sure that will continue.  
It's little things like this that make all the difference.

So thank you all once again.

N. R."
You can make great savings on the prices below by joining ourAll Pets Vet Care family - Plan for Pawsitive Health.

It allows you to spread the cost of preventative healthcare (vaccinations, flea & worm treatments) 
into monthly payments and make overall savings on this. In additon, every consult will attract a discount
and you make substantial savings on food and waiting room sales!

Have a look here for more details!
Here is a short overview of our regular prices: