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Life Coaching for Pets

2010 saw the launch of  Life Coaching for Pets at our veterinary practice.

Our aim here at All Pets Vet Care is to not solely deal with your animals once they are ill, but to also provide you with information on how to  keep them healthy in the first place, provide your pets with a good quality of life and make them wonderful companions to have around.
For this reason we have developed the concept of Life Coaching for Pets 
Life Coaching for Pets will be the encompassing term for a loose series of  evening lectures, small workshops and also events like our puppy parties.

Some workshops and puppy parties are solely open to our clients, while the lectures will be open to the to the  general public.

Some of the events will be free, others will incur a small charge, but all are meant to be informative and entertaining. 
Puppy Parties:

Small group event for puppies who have had their 1st vaccinations. 
They seem very popular with owners and puppies alike and you can bring the whole family!

We have a rotating series of four differently themed nights and your puppy can enter at any of these nights:
- 'Puppy Social' evening - How to socialise your puppy
   Learn the "do's" and "don'ts" and go home with a free Socialisation Chart & free CD containing different
   types of noises your puppy may find scary, helping you  to get your puppy getting accustomed to the big wild world out there!  

- 'Fido's Feeling Fine and Fitness' evening - How to keep them fit and healthy.
   What is normal and what is not? What should I check and how? How do I clean my pets teeth? How much    
    exercise do they need? Discount on microchipping  & dental products available on the night.
- 'Fun and Fodder' evening -  A Look at Diet & Toys
  What constitutes a good toy and which toys should you avoid? Which toys are right for your breed of dog? 
  What and how much should I feed my puppy? How do I know what the right weight is for my dog?
  10% discount on toys, collars & leads on this night, money-off vouchers for Royal Canin Food.

- 'Fledgling Foundations' training evening
   Run by Jenny Thomas of Willow Tree School for Dogs
   From tips on how to get your puppy to walk on a lead to teaching him simple tricks, you will go home with a
   deeper understanding on what makes your dog tick! Jenny is not only an excellent trainer, but she is also
   helping you to make training fun!
Please ask for further information. 

When:                  Every Tuesday between 5-6pm  

Available to:         Registered Cients only, limited group sizes

Fee:                     £8.00 per night or £25.00 for 4, free or discounted products available
                            on the night and you will get hand-outs so you can recap at home what you have learned!

Booking:              Needs to be booked at least 24 hours in advance

All Pets Vet Care - working together with you and your pet! 

All Pets Vet Care 
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Chubby Checkers Weight Clinics:

If your pet has gained more over the years than he or she was supposed to, it is not always easy to fight the flab on your own. 
These days we know that being overweight has serious health implications, potentially reducing the life expectancy of an animal quite dramatically - and none of us would like to lose our beloved pet earlier than necessary!

You will be amazed how much younger and full of life your pet will appear once it has shed the extra pounds and is slim again!

The weight clinics are one-to-one consultations with one of our nurses, although you can bring the whole family and everybody who feeds your pet at home. 

We will go through in detail what your pet is currently fed, how much exercise is gets, take measurements and get you and your pet back every month, so you can measure the progress you are making, you will also get a free weight chart.

When:                By appointment only - please pop in or ring us to make an appointment 

Available to:     Registered clients only

Fee:                  Free of charge

The Teenage MOT:

At six months of age teenage hood looms  and we will send you a reminder for a free consultation with one of our nurses.
The nurse will give your pet a healthcheck (we often find teeth problems at this age), will go through the worming regime required, changes that may be required in its diet, discussing neutering and any behaviour problems that may now emerge. 

When:                By appointment only - please pop in or ring us to make an appointment 

Available to:     Registered clients only

Fee:                  Free of charge