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07th of January 2010

Staff News

Michelle got notice today that she has passed her final nursing exams and is now a fully fledged RVN - Registered Veterinary Nurse!

Congratulations to Michelle!
04th of January 2010

Practice News

We are launching our new initiative:

Life Coaching for Pets !

Have a look here for what we can offer to you and your pet.
Life coaching for Pets! All Pets Vet Care new initiative to make things easier for you and your pet!
31st of December 2009

Practice News

Dr David Williams, Lecturer in Veterinary Ophthalmology in the Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine at the University of Cambridge came to operate on both eyes of a feline patient of his from Cardiff.

"Nobby" does not enjoy long car journeys and using our facilities meant that he did not have to endure quite such a long trip, while it gave us an opportunitiy to watch an exciting operation!
Dr David Williams and Billa Schleicher in the operating theatre at All Pets Vet Care Milford Haven

28th of December 2009

Practice News

At the end of our first 3 month in business, we now have over 300 registered clients, 
which is a fantastic number and we would like to thank everybody for their support and 
for entrusting their pets to our care!
All Pets Vet Care 
Veterinary Practice
The Old Docks Office, Sybil Way, Milford Marina, Milford Haven, SA73 3AA
Phone: 01646-663 883, Fax: 01646-468 111,
All Pets Vet Care  - treating ferrets and all other pets
All Pets Vet Care - everybody is talking about it!
We like them all at All Pets Vet Care
Any problems with your cat or kitten? Ask us for advise!
March 2010

Practice News

We are taking part in 
Oral Care Month 2010
to raise awareness of the importance of oral health.
24th of March 2010

Staff News

Michelle & Bindi are leaving us for a while, so not only will we be losing a very good nurse, but also our Meeter & Greeter! The plan is though, that they will eventually come back. 

Today was Michelles last day (here she is having just unpacked her leaving present, a bright pink stethoscope) and Annas first day (find out more about her on The Team page). 

We wish Michelle & Bindi all the best during their time away!
Friday, 9th of April 2010

Practice News

To the left is  a picture of Bella, a Golden Retriever puppy, when she came in for her first vaccination. 

This week, when she came in for her second vaccination, the owners told us that her eyes had been a bit bloodshot for the last couple of days. 
When I first shone a light into her right eye from an angle, I thought the curved structure must be the reflection of the light, but immediately realised that the it wasn't a straight line!

Out came my glasses to have a closer look and there they were:

Several wriggly larvae in both eyes (the photo only shows the largest ones). 

These are LUNGWORM larvae!
It is extremely rare to see them in the eyes like this, but the good thing in this case is that we are now aware that Bella was carrying them, allowing us to treat her, before more harm is done. 

In a lot of cases, these will not be showing up so obviously, but be nevertheless present in a lot of organs: The lungs, hearts, joints even the brain!

They also can prevent the blood from clotting and this means that if the dog undergoes surgery, the wounds will keep on bleeding.

Lungworms can be fatal if not treated and are becoming more common in our area. 
Their normal life cycle involves foxes and slugs or snails. Dogs under 2 years of age are most at risk.

Our first recommendation is a drug which will also take care of fleas and some of the other worms and we recommend that you use it on a regular basis. 

So please come and see us and talk to us what you can do to keep your dog safe from lungworms!

Find out more about the lungworm Angiostrongylus vasorum in this videoclip 
or at .

Practice News

Saturday, the 26th of June, sees the start of 
Pembrokeshire Fish Week 
at Milford marina with all its wonderful stalls 
and we will give everybody the chance to see our practice on our second 
-  Professional photographer Julia Hill, who took the photos for the Happy Hound competition last year will be available again, this time to take portraits of your pet or you and your pet for a much reduced fee of only £10 - including a print! 
The regular fee for this would be £55.-, so take the opportunity to get a high quality momento! 
To make life easier, please phone Julia on 07768 414 068 to book an appointment, but Julia will also keep some slots free for last-minute models!
Dog trainer Jenny Thomas of Willow Tree School for Dogs will be demonstrating what can be achieved with good (& fun) training between 2 and 4 pm.

Magic act Mellusion will be here from 10am onwards to dazzle us with his tricks - great fun for kids & adults alike! 

Greenacres Animal Rescue will have an information and bric-a-brac stall and might also have some of their charges with them - if you are looking for a new pet, please make them their first port of call!

And we have many goodie bags with free gifts waiting for you and your kids and will be happy to show you behind the scenes, see who's in the kennels under the hot air blankets or on a drip.
Guess what we've x-rayed and have a peak into the operating theatre! And obviously, we are there for a chat with you!
June 2010:

Staff News:

Alison Llewellyn, who has seen practice with us as part of her HND course, 
has been offered a job with one of the neighbouring practices!

We are really chuffed for Alison and can only gratulate the practice - they have got themselves a real gem!
July 2010

Practice News:

Survivor of the month is Sidney, a border collie pup, who came in with rat poisoning. He was hanging in his owners arms, his gums were white as a sheet and he was dripping blood from his mouth. An x-ray showed that his chest cavity was filled with fluid (probably more blood) and his chances of survival were not good at all.
A quick phone call home hat Orso, our collie rushed in to act as a blood donor - we were not even sure if we had enough time to collect the blood and get it into Sidney on time. 
Katie, who saw practice with us, is our star of the month! She kept petting and talking to Sidney to keep him with us while the blood was running into him and a few hours later we even got a tail wag!

Katie coaxed him to feed the following day. and she worked tremendously hard during her week here 
(We were busy and there was a lot of clearing up constantly to do!).

October 2010

Practice News

We are delighted to announce that we have found Karen, a very experienced nurse with an outgoing personality, who has previously worked for the PDSA in Birmingham. She is fully starting with us on the 11th of October. We think she will fit in well with our team. 

As Jayne and Sarah have accumulated quite a bit of overtime, Cerys, our lovely locum nurse, will be back for two more stints in November.
22nd of December 2010

Practice News

A big thank you to all our lovely and marvelous clients for not only entrusting their pets into our care during 2010, but who also have been coming in with great Christmas cards, tins of chocolates & biscuits (see our expanded waists after Christmas...) or have been feeding the "Staff Treats" money box on the reception desk (the content of which has been previously used for a meal out - we do like our food!).

We wish you all a very merry time over the Christmas period and 
Health & Happiness for all the two- and four-legged members of your households for 2011!
14th of January 2011

Practice News

After only just over 15 months, we have just registered our 1000th client this afternoon!

Mrs Sam Mathias (pictured here with her son) received a certificate, chocolates, wine and a voucher for a free booster vaccination and parasite control application from Billa. 
28th of March 2011

Staff News: She's back!!!

Well, further down we were telling you that after doing work experience here, Alison had got a job in a neighbouring practice.

Now, that we are growing and needed another person you willl see Alison involved in customer as well as animal care and she will start 
her training in a little while as a veterinary nurse. 

We were very chuffed for her when she got her last job, but we are even more chuffed now that she has decided to come back to us!
May 2011:

The amazing story about Alisons table: 

For our staff  room we needed a nice large table that we could all sit around for team meetings and have lunch on. Obviously, setting up a practice costs a lot of money, so we needed to save wherever we could. 

So, when a large extendable table came up on Freecycle  in the summer of 2009, it was just the job for us and we picked it up from a lovely elderly lady in Haverfordwest.

We bought a new wax fabric table cloth for it and it has served us very well. 

A few weeks ago, Alison had to move it a bit and suddenly thought: "Uuh, this seems just like the table I used to have." The she bent down to inspect its feet and found the marks that one of her puppies had left on the table years ago, took up the table cloth and saw familiar scratch marks on the top!

Alison had given it away years ago, but finds herself now re-united again with it! 
She obviously has been meant to be in our practice! 
The Practice Design Award competition takes place every two years and is run by the British Veterinary Hospital Association and Veterinary Practice magazine and is open to practices which have been build or converted within the last 2 years. 

We won category 1 for first opinion practices of this in veterinary circles highly coveted price and here are some of the comments from the current Veterinary Practice Magazine:

"Brilliant  conversion of listed building" 

"Judges commented on the brightness and airy-feel of the interior,
making full use of the existing windows to allow natural light in,
coupled with highly effective lighting in all areas, describing it as an imaginative and excellent layout in a challenging building which has been turned into a highly attractive working environment, with top class facilities for staff, clients and patients – and all done at a cost which represents incredibly good value for money."

Winners of category 2 for referral practices went to Glasgow University for their new and incredibly beautiful 11m building, who were also declared the overall winners and category 3 for a particular feature or area went to Fitzpatrick Referrals (maybe better known to television viewers as "The Bionic Vet") for their new kennel area. 

Autum 2011: 

All Pets Vet Care - Winners of the Pactice Design Awards 2011!!

For anybody who would like to have another chance to see our practice 
or who would like to celebrate with us, we are holding an 
Open Evening with cheese & nibbles on the 6th of December from 7-9pm!
Billa at the award ceremony with Stuart Holland, the incoming BVHA president.
March 2012


As much as we loved getting our Design Award, it would not be worth anything, if our clients would not feel that we are also doing a good job. 

So we felt very pleased and honoured with the results of our client survey - it seems we are getting things generally right! 

But it certainly does not mean, that we want to rest on our laurels and we are constantly thriving to improve further. (And we very much appreciate any suggestions on how we can achieve this!)

A big thank you to anybody who took the time and filled out our survey sheets!


Staff telephone manner:                                         Excellent: 96.4%    Good: 3.6%     Fair: 0%    Dissatisfied: 0%

Ease of appointment making: Same Day: 53.5%  Next Day: 32.1%   Next week: 10.7 %   > than 1 week: 3.6%

Welcome received:                                                  Excellent: 96.4%        Good: 3.6%          Fair: 0%        Poor: 0%

Waiting time:                    None: 7.1%     5-10 min: 75%     10-20 min: 17.8%   20-30min: 0%    > than 30min: 0%

Cleanliness & Comfort:                                          Excellent: 100%          Good: 0%            Fair: 0%        Poor: 0%

Friendliness /  Politeness of staff:                       Excellent: 100%          Good: 0%            Fair: 0%        Poor: 0%

Vet / Nurse Explanations:                                      Excellent: 89.2%        Good: 10.7%        Fair: 0%       Poor: 0%

After Care Help & Advice:                                      Excellent: 78.5%        Good: 21.5%        Fair: 0%       Poor: 0%

Value for money:                         Yes: 96.4%     Maybe: 0%     No: 0%      Do not know: 0%     No comment: 3.6%

Visits Made:                                        1 visit: 7.1%     2-5 visits: 35.7%        6-10 visits: 39.2%      10+ visits: 17.9%

Registered for:   1 week: 7.1%   1 month: 7.1%   3 months: 0%   6 months: 3.6%  1 year: 78.6%  1year+: 10.7%

We asked for general comments and suggestions for improvement:

"I find the service excellent."

"Most modern, clean and welcoming practice we have registered with. My husband, myself and our cats cannot recommend any further ways for improvement to service. Billa, Jayne and nurses are friendly, efficient, confident, compassionate- a wonderful service provided- Thank you!"

"Nothing to suggest!!!!!"

"Especially impressed with being shown operating area and after care area prior to Milly’s op. Was very reassuring and gave us confidence to leave her. First time we had ever experienced this. Well done on catering to owners’ needs."

"Wonderful, service, people and care."

"No suggestions to make!
Happy with everything and everyone." 

"Cannot think of any. You have it just right. It’s not only ‘a visit to the vets’ but often also a social occasion for our pets and us!! Well done."

"Outstanding efficiency by both staff and vet. Provide a very high standard of service. Thank you all."

"Always made to feel welcome and eager to answer any questions and give simple explanations."

"You can’t improve on perfection!"

"The service was great and really helpful."  

                                                 *  *  *
Practice News:  

We are holding our first "First Aid for Pets - A course for Pet Owners"

When:                  Sunday, 13th of May 2012,  Starting:11am. Anticipated finish 3pm

Who:                    Held by the All Pets Vet Care vets & nurses for any pet owner - you do not have to be  
                              registered with our practice

Where:                At the practice premises at Milford Marina

What:                   Lectures & practical sessions in small groups

                              How to best handle your injured animal?
                              What do your do if your pet is involved in a road traffic accident?
                              What to do in cases of poisonings? 
                              How to check your pets pulse?
                              How to correctly apply a bandage?

                              Learn this and many other things on our course, have a light lunch and go home with 
                              lecture notes and a free first aid kit!

How much:        All the above are included in the charge of £35 per person!

To reserve your place you can either make your payment in person in the practice or pay by card over the phone.

Places are limited and we have already had a very good response, but there are currently still some places available,. If you would like to take part, please get in touch with us soon!
MISSED IT? Keep your pet protected!

This autumn All Pets Vet Care veterinary practice on the marina in Milford Haven is offering a chance to get up to date with missed booster vaccinations in their VACCINATION AMNESTY that will be taking place at the practice from the 17th of September through to the end of October 2012.

We all know how easily it can happen. It seems like only a short while since the last vaccinations. You may even had a reminder that they were due and had planned to make an appointment “tomorrow” or “next week”. But you have a busy life and it gets forgotten and in, what seems a mere blink, the vaccinations are long overdue!

Instead of having to pay out for a full course, which may now be required, All Pets Vet Care are offering a complete course of vaccinations at the price of just a booster – that's a saving of £20 of more!

Who qualifies?

Dogs and cats over 2 years of age, who have not been vaccinated within the last 18 months and rabbits over 9 months of age  who have not been vaccinated against myxomatosis within the last 9 months qualify for the scheme.

Vaccinations are important in protecting pets from potentially fatal diseases and the vaccination amnesty is a great opportunity to catch up again and making a substantial saving!

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, act now! Either give the practice a call or email to make an appointment.
And.... we have launched: 
All Pets Vet Care family
our Plan for Pawsitive Health!

As a "family" member, you will get exclusive discounts on a variety of items & services.
Come in and pick up a leaflet!
You can make BIG savings!
Practice NEWS:

Is your cat “just old” or is he/she actually in pain and doesn't want to move as much?  

 How would you know? What do you need to look out for?

 If you would like to find out, come to our FREE client talk on
Thursday, the 25th of October at 7.30pm:

                      No More Me-OWWH! 
                     How to recognise pain in cats

Please ring or email us to register your interest so that we know how many people to expect.
Practice News - Autumn 2012:

Our K-Laser is now available!!!

We couldn't wait for it to arrive, we were so excited! 

You may wonder what this is all about.

The K-Laser is a "therapeutic class IV" laser and the most advanced one of it's type. So, what does this mean? 
This absolutely amazing little machine (and it is indeed quite small) is delivering the most fantastic results in the treatment of loads of different conditions.

We had arthritic dogs who could not move around painfree even on two different painkillers now being able to jump up again and cats finally being able to venture out into the garden again. 

It helps against skin infections, speeds up wound and fracture healing, can be used for cats with chronic gingivitis and a whole range of other problems! 

The animals don't require sedation for it, all it involves is running the laser over the area for several minutes. For most conditions a series of between 4 and 6 treatments are advisable, in some chronic cases, a "top-up" ever so often may be needed. 

We already have quite a few happy pets and happy owners - it's so nice to see those results!

If you think your pet may benefit from laser treatment, give us a ring and speak to one of our vets!
                              Here's a comment 
                          from one of our clients:

                    "Our pooch, Kizzy, has recently had                                  K laser treatment for her aches and pains!

     She has been on ...[painkillers] and green lipped mussle,
    both of which were helping her cruciate ligament and
  However the difference with the laser treatment                     is phenomenal. 
   She has no need for the pain killers anymore. 
     She is stretching out her legs and running around 
        like she hasn’t done for a couple of years . 
          For anyone concerned with treating their pet 
             with tablets this is non invasive, pain free 
                      and best of all works!!!!"                                    
                                        Wanda W.
Practice News April 2013:

Onswitch Client Survey results!

Here are the results of our client survey, which veterinary marketing company Onswitch run for us this time. It is shorter than the surveys run by us previously, where we also asked you about suggestions for improvements, but by running it in the same format, our results can be compared to other practices in the country. 

We asked you to fill in on our online survey of 9 questions about how you as visitors feel about your local practice.

A special thank you to all those who participated, your feedback was greatly appreciated! We are now VERY pleased to publish the results (they are great!)!

Q1) Are you a client of All Pets?

96.2% said Yes
3.8% said No

Q2) Where did you first hear about us?

59.3% said friends/family
3.7% said Dog trainer
3.7% said web
25.9% drove by
3.7% through Cattery/Kennels
18.5% said other e.g. work experience student, advertisement before opening, RSPCA.

Q3) Which of the following do you value most about All Pets?

81.5% said the relationship with the practice team 
70.4% said pet dedicated 
63% said the relationship with your vet
44.4% said local
37.0% the practice ethos
29.6% convenient
18.5% our range of services
11.1% said our fees
7.4% other e.g. client comments- Quality of service, Positive and enthusiastic attitudes of all staff. 
                                                         The staff are amazing & make your feel welcome.

Q4) How many practices are you registered at?
88.5% of you said one
11.5 of you said two         

Q5) Out of 10 how would you rate the service you received from our vets? (1= Poor 10 = Outstanding)

3.70% of you said   7
7.40% of you said   8
22.2% of you said   9
66.70% of you said 10

Giving us an overall average rating of  9.52!

Q6) How would you rate the service from our reception team? (1= Poor / 10 = Outstanding)

14.40% of you rated us 8
19.20% of you rated us 9
65.40% of you rated us 10

Giving us an overall average rating of  9.50!

Q7) Which of the following are you happy to receive from All Pets?

69.2% said Email
69.2% said Facebook
26.9% said Twitter
19.2% said Website
38.5% said Newsletters
26.9% said Text

 Q8) How likely are you to recommend All Pets to other pet owners? (1 = Not at all /10 = Absolutely)

3.70%   said   8
96.30% said 10   (!!!! Thank you, you lovely clients!!!)

Giving us a wonderful  average rating of  9.93!

Q9) Please feel free to add any further comments

I would recommend this practice for anyone who is looking for a vet to bring their animals to, they had been brilliant with my cat when he had his operation, they were very caring towards me and him as I got emotional when he went in for his operation.

Brilliant vets, they were amazing when my dog Megan was poorly and passed away last year and there amazing with our new puppy Bella.

Absolutely a brilliant team.

All the staff are caring, excellent and knowledgeable. Thank you for everything you have done for our pets.  

Just brilliant in every way

Genuinely can not find any faults, we would never consider changing practice and happily recommend you to all other pet owners.

Excellent service from a friendly and knowledgeable team.

Its nice to find a team that REALLY care for your pets AND you.

Would never think of taking pets elsewhere, whole team are approachable and friendly. 

Billa and the team are absolutely fantastic and go beyond what I have seen in other practices. You are treated like a member of the family and your pets name is remembered and welcomed whenever you visit.  They are the most welcoming and are fantastic vets with excellent skills and have defiantly saved my pets life with their caring intervention. I am very grateful for the service they offer. 

It is a pleasure not only for me but for my dog to go visit the clinic he gets very excited when I pull up outside. I found Billa and all her staff to be very wonderful and helpful. 

All I can say is, they are there when I need them day or night. Thankyou.

Love the life coaching idea. Would love to see some natural supplements being offered.

Always happy to visit even for the saddest of trips. Never rushed always cheerful and invested. I am always recommending you guys!

A big thanks to everybody who took the time to fill in the survey and for rating us so highly - it is much appreciated!
What's it all about?

Investors in People is a UK wide industry award for organisations of all sizes. In our case it meant an assessment over two days, in which we were all "grilled" for two hours at a time.
Do we have strategies to improve the performance of the business?
What do we do to implement these strategies? (For example, how much do we encourage learning within the practice?)
And do we review the effect it has? (Like for example, looking at the feed-back that we get from our clients and acting on it.)

It's a way of benchmarking us not just against other vet practices, but all other companies.

There are 4 levels: standard, bronze, silver and gold.
What is VERY unusual, according to our assessor, is to go straight from nowhere to gold - but that's exactly what we did!

Having achieved gold means that we are ONE OF THE TOP 4% of all assessed companies in the country and we are very proud to have achieved that!

As always, an amazing result like this can only be achieved through a team in which everybody has a common goal - so a big THANK YOU to everybody at All Pets Vet Care and also to our great clients and patients, who make all the effort worthwhile.
We'll post the big news here, but for shorter snippets, you may also like to follow us on Facebook 
Practice News December 2013:

And another award for All Pets Vet Care!

We've achieved an amazing GOLD INVESTORS IN PEOPLE award!!!
Practice News September 2013:

Wowww! Our Sarah has been voted Blue Cross VET NURSE OF THE YEAR! 

Well, we are only a small practice and not exactly in a highly populated area of the country. 
But our wonderful clients have ensured that even so, our veterinary nurse Sarah Reed has been voted the Blue Cross Veterinary Nurse of the Year 2013 and she will be getting her prize at the conference of the 
British Veterinary Nursing Association in October.

A big thank you to our clients who voted for Sarah and WELL DONE, SARAH!!!!

Practice News May 2016:

All Pets Vet Care now offers grooming services! 

We've recently welcomed a professional groomer to our team. Carine is originally from Belgium which is where she ran her own successful grooming salon for 31years. She has also competed and won international competitions so you know your pet is in very capable hands. Pop in or give us a call on 01646 663883 to make an appointment.  
We offer grooming at 10% discount for our Family Plan Members - yet another great reason to become part of the family​

Look how happy Jessie looks after her groom this month!!
Practice News July 2016:

What a busy month!
Not only have we successfully kicked off our very first hosting of CPD (Continual Professional Development) for Veterinary Staff this month but we have welcomed a new Staff member! 

We are now the ONLY Veterinary Practice in Pembrokeshire where ALL the Veterinary Staff are trained in Dentistry. We held a three day course onsite where not only did we learn more about further Dental techniques, we also proudly promoted our Pembrokeshire County with Coastal Activities such as  Sea Kayaking and Coasteering to break up the day.

We'd also like to welcome Stefano to break up the all female team as our third vet. We're all pretty confident he's going to love working here! 

Have you nominated yet? 

Petplan Veterinary Practice Nominations are now open until January 2018.
If you think someone in this Practice has been outstanding with you and your best friends and you would like to nominate them just click on the following link:

Happy Voting! :)

Practice News March 2018:

We have some exciting news to share!
We are now offering a brand new service of Key Hole bitch spays at our Practice. This means a gentler and less invasive surgery but also a much faster recovery process.

For the last two years we have performed spays with the same technique as the laparoscopic spays, but without the specialised equipment. Now we have the equipment needed, including endoscopic camera, so now we can also see inside your pet whilst performing the surgery!

This is a video of Bella absolutely loving life with her runs again from yesterday after her key hole spay that was only done on Monday!

For more information on Key Hole Bitch Spays, just give us a call on 01646 663 883 to find out more from the team!